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Top 20 Phrases to know before you come to Berlin

July 20, 2015 1:22 pm by

Brush up on your German, or at least come a little prepared, before you come to Berlin and be one up on all the other tourists. Host countries love it when visitors are familiar with at least a handful of common phrases to get by when eating out, sightseeing, or asking for directions.

We have come up with the top 20 most useful phrases to make sure you’re not caught out and to save any awkwardness! From saying cheers, to asking to use your credit card, you don’t need to be fluent, but every little helps…


  1. Guten Morgen! Good Morning! / Guten Tag! Good day! / Guten Abend! Good Evening!


  1. Bitte Please / Danke Thanks


  1. Ich heißeMy name is…


  1. Wie heißen Sie? What is your name?


  1. Wie geht’s? How are you?


  1. Mir geht’s gut I’m doing well


  1. Ich komme aus…[den USA/Kanada/Australien/Großbritannien] I am from…[the USA/Canada/Australia/UK]


  1. Ich bin da für [eine Woche/zwei Wochen/drei Wochen] I am here for [one week/two weeks/three weeks]


  1. Haben Sie…? Do you have…?


  1. Wieviel kostet das? How much is that?


  1. Kann ich mit Kreditkarte bezahlen? Can I pay with credit card?


  1. Frühstück Breakfast / Mittagessen Lunch / Abendessen Dinner


  1. Prost! Cheers!


  1. Guten Appetit! Enjoy your meal!


  1. Wo ist die Toilette? Where is the bathroom?


  1. Entschuldigung, wo ist…? Excuse me, where is…?


  1. In welche Richtung ist…? In what direction is…?


  1. Wo ist die U-Bahn? Where is the underground train (subway/metro)?


  1. Sprechen Sie Englisch? Do you speak English?


  1. Ich spreche nicht viel Deutsch I don’t speak much German.


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