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Top 10 Ten Things to Do in Berlin

September 15, 2015 4:34 pm by

There are so many great things to do in Berlin that it can be a bit overwhelming to decide how to spend your time, so we decided to whittle it down into a bite-size 3 day itinerary. Get your culture fix, culinary indulgence, shopping treats and start ticking places off your Berlin bucket list. What’s more, is that you won’t break the bank either!


  1. Visit Museum Island

Museum Island is a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site which sits in the middle of the River Spree and is one of the most popular attractions in Berlin, home to the Pergamon Museum with its Antiquity Collection, and the Neues Museum, with its Egyptian bust of Nefertiti you can visit both free with the Berlin Pass.


  1. Explore Berlin’s Jewish Museum

One of the most impressive and resonant museums in Berlin, the most modern part of the Jewish Museum was designed by controversial Jewish architect Daniel Libeskind. Its shape is based on an exploding Star of David, with its interior spaces disappearing into angles, adding to the experience and appreciation of the historic documents on display.


  1. Walk the Berlin Wall

The Wall was mostly demolished between June and November 1990 although a restored stretch remains along the southern border of Wedding and Mitte. Visit Checkpoint Charlie (included on Berlin Pass), the famous east-west border control during the Cold War to learn more about the Wall’s story and how it shaped the city of today.


  1. Visit the Olympiastadion

You can’t escape the fascist style of architecture oozing from the design of the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. Ironically, during the hosting of the 1936 Olympics, rather than a clean sweep of Aryan victories, the black American athlete Jesse Owens won four gold medals – somewhat rubbing salt in a very open Nazi wound.


  1. Sunday flea market in Mauer Park

You can’t pass up an opportunity to bargain at the flea market in Mauer Park. As the locals for information about the Flohmarkt im Mauerpark, and they’ll tell you you can find everything from car scraps, to vintage gems, designer classics and good old rubbish. Bring loose change as you won’t want to miss out!


  1. Views of Berlin

Enjoy panoramic views of Berlin from iconic spots around Berlin, like the centre of government, the Reichstag, via its glass roof, or at the top of Europe’s fastest elevator to the Panoramapunkt on the 24th and 25th floors of the Kollhoff Tower in Potsdamer Platz. Alternatively, head the iconic tower, 200m above Alexanderplatz and enjoy views up to 40kms away from the stainless steel sphere.


  1. Take a selfie in a Photoautomaten

The Photoautomaten are one of the best quirks of Berlin for the modern, selfie-loving generation. These retro black and white photo booths are scattered around Berlin and are great fun for you and your friends to get a photo to remember! There are various points around the city so look out for them, and make sure you have exact change.


  1. Fat Tire Bike Tour

Berlin is a flat city, so it’s very cycle friendly. Take to the streets and see the city on two wheels. Join in a Fat Tire Bike Tour and be guided around Berlin and passed the iconic landmarks and monuments.


  1. Eat a currywurst

Currywurst is the idiosyncratic combination of pork sausage, cut into slices, smothered with a mixture of ketchup and curry powder and then served with a bread roll or fries. You’ll love it! This might sound like a confusing mouthful, but in Berlin it’s a culinary institution. Konnopke’s Imbiss on Schönhauser Allee has been serving Currywurst since 1930 – and is well worth a visit!


  1. Visit Weinerei

If you’re a fan of the grape, make sure you visit Weinerei in Mitte, the ultimate wine shop. It’s basically a wine buffet – you just pay 2 euros for a glass and then you can have as much wine as you want! It’s a great way to spend a lunch time, or while away an evening. Veteranenstrasse 14, Mitte, +49 30 440 6983, Open Mon-Fri 1pm-8pm, Sat 11am-8pm.


Image credit: tomislav medak – Flickr