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Berlin Foods

The Top 10 Berlin Foods You Must Try

May 18, 2017 10:00 am by

Prepare for the wurst – here’s some Berlin foods you need to try

The German capital is home to a host of must-try dishes, from the quintessential wurst to jam-filled delicacies. Whether you’re stepping into one of the top Berlin weekend markets or sitting down at a casual restaurant, these are the Berlin foods worth shelling out for.


This Berlin pastry is perhaps best known for President John F. Kennedy’s accidental flub, when in a rousing speech he accidentally called himself this doughnut rather than a Berlin citizen. Traditionally, a Berliner is filled with jam or marmalade and covered in icing sugar, however as time has gone by people have experimented with different flavours. Confusingly enough, Berliners are generally referred to as Pfannkuchen by the Berlin people (which means pancake to everybody else outside of the capital).


Germany is renowned for its sausages and currywurst is one of its best incarnations. This simple street snack is made up of sausage, covered in a spicy tomato paste and sprinkled with curry powder. Most places will serve it with a side of french fries – it isn’t the healthiest dish, but it sure as hell is one of the tastiest.


While it might not look like the most appetising dish, Eisbein (or pork knuckles) are a popular delicacy and incredibly filling. Boiled or grilled, these hefty knuckles go down well with a stein of beer and are usually served with sauerkraut and potatoes.

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Doner Kebab

While this snack might not seem like the most likely Berlin favourite, the capital is actually home to a massive Turkish community that brought its tastes and influences to the city. It’s rumoured that doner kebabs actually originated in Berlin, consisting of chicken or lamb served with chips. It’s easy to spot a kebab place – keep an eye out for the gigantic rotisseries rotating in shops.

Königsberger Klopse

These meatballs served in a creamy sauce really hit the spot, consisting up of ground veal, pork, beef, onions. Served with potatoes or rice, they’re actually a leftover classic from Prussia and remain a popular comfort dish.

Delicious schnitzel from this great little place! 😋

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These breaded meat cutlets are a German classic, regardless of the fact that they originally hail from Austria. Berlin holds its own in this department and you’ll be able to find it at practically every casual German restaurant in the city, served with a side of lemon.


Another German classic, pretzels in Berlin come in many forms – plain and salted, covered in gooey chocolate, sprinkled with cheese. You’ll find a pretzel vendor on every other street corner, whether you’re headed to a stall or popping into a bakery.


Looking for a light snack or appetiser? Senfeier, or mustard eggs, are a simple dish of boiled eggs drizzled with a strong mustard sauce. Served with a side of mashed potatoes, it’s comfort food at its easiest.

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Surprise, surprise – at least one potato dish had to make it onto the list. The kartoffelpuffer is a humble potato pancake, made with potatoes, flour, onions and eggs. It’s a diverse dish that can be had sweet or savoury, whether you’re eating it with applesauce or meat, and it’s also a great vegetarian option.

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There’s a bit of controversy around this sausage, as Bavaria and Berlin both claim to be the birthplace of this mixed meat wurst flavoured with herbs. Have it smothered in mustard and wash it down with a cold stein of beer for an experience that’s as German as it gets.