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Is The Berlin Pass worth it?

April 14, 2015 4:34 pm by

You might be planning a trip to Berlin for a short city break, or a long vacation. Either way, you’re going to do your research before you arrive. You want to know the top attractions to visit, the best galleries and museums, the not-to-miss tours and experiences… There’s a lot to read up on and start planning.

Whilst this is happening, you’re mentally budgeting and are choosing the most cost-effective ways of seeing the city – without sacrificing on any of the quality! So how do you manage it all? This is where the Berlin Pass comes in. It helps you save not only money, but time, too and opens up the best of Berlin at a snip of the cost.

Here’s how:

The Berlin Pass is the best addition to a trip to Berlin; it’s the answer to all your tourist needs; it will help you make the most out of your holiday – while providing you with all of the resources at once.

Rated 4.5 stars out of 5 by Independent Reviewers, we know the product works! It not only includes free entry to over 55 top museums, art galleries, monuments and tours in Berlin, but it also includes a free travelcard which allows you to travel across Berlin with ease; as well as extra resources like a detailed Guidebook, too! All included in the price of the pass.

To really spell it out, it means no extra money is required to get into the most popular landmarks, museums and monuments in Berlin, like the Berliner Dom, the museums on Museum Island, the iconic Neue and Alte Museum – and many more. You’ve even got a hop on hop off bus tour and river cruise included in the pass, too!

How does something like this work? Simply turn up to your chosen attraction and show your Berlin Pass to the member of staff at the entrance or ticket barrier and they will let you straight through – without any further payment.

In durations of 2 and 3 days you can chose the pass to most suit your trip. Whether you want a jam-packed weekend, or an extra days grace, its up to you. The real money saving comes when you factor in everything it includes – the free entries, tours and unlimited travel – all on one little card. It’s so easy!

The Berlin Pass allows for flexible sightseeing and with the help of the travelcard, you can travel across the ABC zones in central Berlin to help you get from one attraction to the next. It also includes travel from Schönefeld Airport to help you get into central Berlin when you arrive. You can use the travel card on the Berlin transport networks, from the metro, to trams and buses.

You won’t be left without any help once you’ve purchased, either, as we add in a free guidebook with every order. This detailed 95 page guidebook lists all of the attractions included in the pass, as well as opening times, the address and directions. You’ll also find a map and metro map in there as well as top tips to help you discover the city.

There’s no other pass, or sightseeing package in Berlin like it. So for that reason alone the Berlin Pass is worth it! If you consider a 2 day adult pass is only €79 and a 3 day is €99 – it really is a no-brainer when you consider airport transfers, attraction costs and daily fares on the underground and buses… It all adds up – but we simplify and save!

So, is the Berlin Pass worth it? Yes!

  • It’s tailor-made for the modern sightseer
  • It’s an all-inclusive pass that allows you entry into over 55 of Berlin’s top attractions
  • It includes unlimited travel with a free travelcard
  • It’s great for families, independent travellers, seasoned travellers, couples and small groups

The Berlin Pass promises to save you money and time. To find out more, click here.