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Top Cultural Attractions in Berlin

The Top Cultural Attractions in Berlin

May 11, 2017 10:00 am by

Calling all history and art buffs, here’s the best cultural attractions in Berlin

From Hellenistic era sculptures to the colourful explosion of street art following the fall of the Berlin Wall, Berlin’s cultural scene is steeped in history worth discovering. Aside from the Museum Island stalwarts, there’s more to explore whether you’re basking in the glory of neo-Baroque architecture or having a more sombre look at Berlin’s difficult history.

Pergamon Museum

Named for the intricately detailed Greek altar inside, the Pergamon Museum is a haven of beautifully preserved and recreated antiquities. Located on Museum Island, it’s easily recognisable by its tall Roman columns and is famed for its extensive collection of Hellenstic, Roman and Grecian art. While some exhibits may be shut during its renovation, there’s no shortage of things to see from the navy and gold Ishtar Gate to the delicate Orpheus mosaic that retells the ancient myth.

Berliner Dom

This gigantic neo-Baroque structure is a highlight of the Berlin skyline and its halls are steeped in history. After soaking in its grand exteriors, delve inside the cathedral and discover the history of the building in an in-depth exhibition. The interiors are just as breathtaking with the opulent imperial staircase providing a way up to its turquoise dome – take a camera to snap a panorama of the city from up top.

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Bode Museum

As with many of the museums on the list, the Bode Museum can be found on Museum Island and is filled primarily with sculptures and other artworks dating as far back as Byzantine times. Designed by famed architect Eberhard von Ihne, its extensive collection features ancient coins, sculptures from the Middle Ages as well as a selection of works from the Gemäldegalerie.

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Alte National Gallery

Don’t let the name fool you – even though its name translates to the Old National Gallery, its collection is just as impressive as its newer incarnation. Perfect for art lovers with a keen interest in historical works, the exhibition is filled with masterpieces ranging across Classica, Romantic, Expressionist and early Modernist periods. The masters on display include Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir and more.

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Berggruen Museum

Modernism is the name of the game at Berggruen Museum and its thought-provoking collection includes works by Paul Klee, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and more. Comprising part of the National Gallery, it’s one of the most important Berlin sites for modernist art (aside from the works at Neue Nationalgalerie) and is a place of inspiration for many artists.

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Ephraim Palais Berlin

While the man who built this house wasn’t exactly royalty, Ephraim Palais Berlin is a gorgeous building fit for royalty and is a stunning example of Berlin’s architectural history. Dating back to the 1700s, it was built by Veitel Heine Ephraim, King Friedrich II’s court jeweller, and was nicknamed the ‘most beautiful corner’ of Berlin. Years later, it’s still worthy of the title.

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Jewish Museum Berlin

The Jewish Museum Berlin follows the lives and dark history of the Jewish community in Germany. Designed by Daniel Libeskind, its sombre zigzag-like structure houses an exhibition that details life during the Holocaust and its thought-provoking Garden of Exile – designed to mimic the alienation the community faced – is utterly evocative.

Charlottenburg Palace

A relic of Prussian times, the Charlottenburg Palace is one of the last remaining palaces in Berlin. After undergoing extensive reconstruction following World War 2, its sprawling gardens and gorgeous Baroque interiors have been restored to former glory. Filled with beautiful porcelain, crown jewels and artworks, it brims with culture and is worth the long trek out.

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East Side Gallery

This inspiring open air gallery transformed a stretch of the Berlin Wall into a beautiful monument for freedom. After the wall fell, over one hundred local and international artists came together to cover it in meaningful street art in an exhibition now known as the Kunstmeile. While not all of the works survived the wear and tear of time, many of them have been restored and it remains a popular tourist destination.

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Architecture lovers, this one’s for you. Gendarmenmarkt, one of Berlin’s most famous squares, is ringed by some of the most impressive buildings in the capital: the Konzerthaus, French Church and German Church. Don’t forget to look up.