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Celebrate Christmas in Germany

December 16, 2015 11:55 am by

Where could be better to celebrate Christmas than Germany? There is a rich culture surrounding the festival and we have made a list for you so that you are knowledgeable on your trip and can impress your friends. Berlin is a hub for Christmas celebrations, hosting about 60 Christmas markets each year. The city comes alive at Christmas time with the twinkling of lights.

In Germany Advent is a large part of the Christmas celebrations. Alongside the card ones with chocolates inside that we are familiar with there are also other types commonly found in German homes. For example, there is a type of Advent which is a wreath with 24 decorated boxes hanging from it which all contain a small present. Another form is called ‘Advent Kranz’ which is a ring of branches with 4 candles on it, one candle is lit per week of advent.

Another important part of Christmas celebrations is Christmas trees. (Fun fact- they were first seen in Germany in the Middle Ages!) Traditionally the Christmas tree was only brought into the house on Christmas Eve but now it’s seen from the beginning of December. Typically in Germany people exchange presents on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas day. Goose is typically the meat found to feature in the Christmas meal and it is typically accompanies by apple and sausage stuffing and potato dumplings. Another German food found on Christmas day is stolen which is fruity bread and marzipan is moulded into the shape of animals and fruits which are then displayed in the windows of bakeries.

Christmas markets play a massive role in the community celebrations of Christmas. They mainly sell food and ornaments, the most famous of which are made of hand blown glass. The Nürnberg Christkind opens the Christmas market on the Friday before Advent starts. Before Christmas she has over 150 duties including visiting hospitals and nurseries! The Christkind is the person who children in Germany address their Chrismas lists to and each year in Nurnberg a child is selected to perform this role. Christmas markets appear in town squares and are lit up with festive lights. People gather together to drink Glühwein and listen to brass band music or eat festive foods such as sugar roasted almonds and crepes.

If you’re visiting Berlin with a Berlin Pass over Christmas don’t forget to check the attractions’s seasonal opening times to avoid disappointment,